Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Grease Fire

It's happened to all of us. A moment of absentmindedness, busy schedule and managing several tasks that allows for disaster to strike. This picture is an example of just that. The tenants of this Central Texas home stepped away from their stove just long enough for a grease fire to begin. The stovetop, range hood, cabinets and were all damaged due to the flames. The house smelled of burnt material and soot covered the walls, cabinets and ceilings nearby. SERVPRO® of Greater Waco was there to thoroughly clean all salvageable areas of the fire damage, deodorize the home and help this family recover their kitchen area as soon as possible.

Water Heater Fire

This is an image where a water heater fire ignited and left disastrous results in this Waco home. The fire affected the surrounding floor, melted the linoleum and scorched the walls as well as items kept near the water heater. We cleaned much of the scorching and removed water damaged material resulting from the fire rescue so that the area could be as prepped as possible for the rebuild. This was a good reminder of the importance of regular maintenance on our water heaters and to ensure that the area around the water heater is clear of any items that may be flammable or interfere with ventilation.

An Outside Flame Caused Major Damage Inside

A cigarette ignited a cloth chair on the porch of this home. The front door was left open while a fire extinguisher was retrieved which resulted in the inside of the home being affected almost as bad as the porch in this photo. Even if a fire occurs across the street, not properly keeping your home sealed can lead to a severe smoke damage in your own home.

A Fire in Your Home Can be More Than Just Smoke Damage

This Waco apartment suffered an electrical fire. While the damaged caused by the fire was extensive, the local Fire Department had to ensure the structure was safe and that no secondary fires would start. They put out the flames, and wet all affected areas to ensure there was not another issue in the future. SERVPRO® of Greater Waco was called out to repair the hole in the roof temporarily, tarp the roof, and to deal with the resulting water damage and fire clean up.

A Commercial Fire

SERVPRO® of Greater Waco responded to this local Waco commercial fire. While the structure was a total loss, our professionals were asked to complete a contents inventory and to clean the few salvageable items from the fire. By providing this service SERVPRO® of Greater Waco is heling both the customer and the insurance carrier.  By quickly inventorying what cannot be saved and cleaning what can; we are helping get the insured one step closer to their normal life. 

Don't leave your stove top unattended

One of our Waco customers got distracted and forgot they were cooking on the stove until it was too late.  SERVPRO® of Greater Waco was able to come in the home and clean the area as a prep for paint scenario.  This is a photo of the microwave that was directly above the stove.