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How to Pick New Appliances

7/13/2022 (Permalink)

A white and gray kitchen with a stove and microwave Wanting a complete kitchen remodel? We can help! Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Purchasing new appliances is an instant refresh to any space that can save you money on utilities and add convenience and styling with new updated features.  Here are some tips to help you, when picking new appliances.

Take measurements and select a layout

Make sure to measure appliance openings, current appliance sizes and depths as well as the pathway and doorways to get into the kitchen.  While the appliance may fit in appliance opening, you have to get it into the home and room first. Also, appliances have gotten larger over the years so you may need consider a contractor to adapt to new standards.

You’ll also want to select a layout at this time. Going from a range to a drop in with stacking oven? You’ll want to make sure it all fits and the space is adjusted before dropping new items in. You may also need to make sure current electrical and gas systems are up to code and can handle the demand of new items.

Select a finish

All colors and textures are not created equal and can vary in shade and surface, brand to brand and product line to product line.  Make sure to compare before just ordering.  Also, keep in mind that ordering online images have been adjusted to look as best as possible with showroom lighting and may not be a realistic look or finish depending on editing and your screen settings and resolution.  This is one time that you’ll want to look in person before making a final decision.

Select features

Go online and research current features available.  New features come out every year and most appliances last 10-12 years, which means you have a world of new features to choose from.  It can also add new complications to consider.  Wanting a smart refrigerator?  Make you have the connections and wi-fi capabilities to handle the system.  Wanting a French door oven over a traditional range?  You’ll need to consider vertical versus horizontal space in your current configuration.

Decide on a budget

Compare design aesthetic, features and brands to decide what fits within your price point.  If necessary, make a list ranking what is most to least important into each item to help you decide what fits within the numbers.

Look at reviews and warranties

While a certain brand may have lasted you for 15 years before, it may now be by a different company and manufacturer and now be a completely different standard of quality.  It’s important to see what real people are saying about the good, bad and ugly before dropping money on a potential lemon with no recourse for return or repair.

Check delivery times

Manufacturing has taken a massive hit with recent supply shortages.  Make sure that your dream kitchen isn’t backordered for a year before committing your bank account.  Can you really live without a range or dishwasher for the potential wait time?

Wanting a complete kitchen remodel? We can help! Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Pets and Fireworks

7/2/2022 (Permalink)

A dog in front of a fire place with red, white and blue decorations Got a fire damage? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

According to the American Psychological Association, dogs and cats have the intelligence equivalent of a 2-2.5-year-old child.  If your toddler gets startled from fireworks, then you understand why your pet may not handle them so well.  Here are a few tips to make your fourth of July a little easier to manage with your pets.

  1. Make sure your pet has a collar and ID- You can go an extra step and get them microchipped in case they get startled and run off or get lost.
  2. Keep your pets indoors- Make sure they have a safe space like a closet or kennel with the door left open with a comfy bed to relax and plenty of toys to distract them.
  3. Take pets for a walk or bathroom breaks before starting fireworks to prevent in house accidents.
  4. Turn on the TV, music and close curtains to distract them.
  5. Try a calming vest or wrap. It fits like a weighted vest and feels like a hug to a pet in distress.
  6. Have an energetic play session before fireworks to help a pet relax.
  7. Make sure to clean up any firework supplies before exposing your pets to outside to prevent illness.
  8. Consider behavioral therapy before fireworks to get them acclimated to the loud sounds. Your veterinarian can recommend sound therapy techniques or products to use to get them adjusted to the noises.
  9. If your pet seems anxious, isn’t sleeping, eating or is having trouble going to the bathroom following fireworks, consult with your veterinarian.
  10. Finally, ignore the fireworks sound yourself. Pets will feed off of your reaction and energy.  Instead, play with their favorite toy or watch a movie together.  Whatever you do, don’t try and force them out of a hiding spot if they are in a safe location.

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SERVPRO of Greater Waco: Your One Stop Shop for Emergency Restoration

5/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog title on a green back ground Need emergency restoration services? We can help! Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Tired of jumping from contractor to contractor to find someone reputable to do your post storm damage restoration? Look no further than SERVPRO of Greater Waco (Google 5-star rating).  We’ve assembled both a mitigation and reconstruction division to get you from start to finish on your damaged home.

First, our mitigation team comes in and does any potential drying, clean-out and demolition services to get your home stabilized and to prevent any secondary damage. Our technicians are certified in everything from Water Damage Restoration, Smoke Damage Restoration and Odor Control technician. Best of all, we work with your insurance company to create a custom plan to fit your home’s needs.

Our reconstruction team then comes in and begins getting you back to normal.  Our reconstruction manager will guide you from start to finish on selecting new finishings, project budget management and project oversight. Wanting to make some upgrades or remodel?  We can do that too!  Build back is a great time to finally do those things that you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting off. Why spend your time searching through several stores, vendors and swatches, when we can compile everything for you and narrow it down to what fits your project. Just like the mitigation team, we continue to work with your insurance company to customize a plan of action.

Our teams work hand-in-hand to make sure you get the best product from start to finish.

Need emergency restoration services? We can help! Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Swimming Pool Safety Devices

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

A pool ball floating in a swimming pool with the SERVPRO of Greater Waco logo and "Swimming Pool Safety Devices" text Need emergency water damage assistance? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Texas spring break is all about barbecues, backyard parties and the start of pool season. Make sure your pool or home spa is safe and secure by upgrading to some of these swimming pool safety devices

A wi-fi connected pool alarm is a great investment. A top-of-the-line system will alert you wirelessly if a child is approaching the pool and will sound an alarm.  It also will send a smart phone notification and can give you the option to speak directly through the device.  A system like this will start at about $500 but is well worth the safety and security of your little ones. Another bonus to wi-fi enabled, is that you aren’t restricted to the distance of Bluetooth which means even if you aren’t home, you will still have access as long as you have an internet connection.

Your next line of defense is a pool alarm buoy.  This is great if a pet sneaks through a gate or fence and may not be large enough to trigger other sensors.  This goes directly in the pool and will trigger an alarm if an animal or person falls into the water.  Most are Bluetooth enabled and you may need to link several devices to cover larger surfaces.  Check the manufacture’s specifications before purchasing to make sure you have enough coverage.  Most also reactivate with no movement in as little as 3 to 10 minutes.  They start out at an estimate $100 for a Bluetooth enabled and go up in price depending on features.

Immersion pool alarms are great for above ground and in ground pools.  They feature an underwater motion sensor that is battery powered that sounds a loud alarm.  A decent alarm won’t pick up rain or wind and will reset in the same manner that the emergency buoy will. These don’t usually have Bluetooth or wi-fi connection but they are one of the most budget friendly devices starting at only $220.

Entry or gate alarms are always your first line of safety defense.  They can be as simple as sounding an alarm when a gate or entry point is opened or can be as elaborate as sounding alarms and having camera features.

Keypads are great investment for any entry point.  They give you the option to keep your pool more secure by being able to change the code without the need to rekey or worrying about lost or stolen keys.

When deciding what devices to purchase, make sure to measure your pool and the full enclosure to make sure the devices you get can cover the full area. You’ll also need to make the device is adequate or made for your type of pool or spa.

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DIY Backyard Upgrade Ideas

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

a yard with string lights, a firepit and lawn chairs in front of a home Need construction services? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Spring is right around the corner and Texas yards become the ultimate party and entertaining venue on warm nights.  Now’s the time to start upgrading your space and becoming the ultimate hostess with some of our do-it-yourself backyard upgrade ideas that are sure to impress.

-Upgrade your lighting with little to no wiring. Solar walk way lights are as simple as pushing them into the ground and pulling a tab.  Add vintage flair with globe string lights.

-Add a touch of chic with a rock garden.  It’s easy on the pocket book and is one of the simplest DIY projects that adds extra shape, color and texture to your outdoor space.

-Add trellis panels instead of a whole fence.  They give privacy and can be used to section off portions of the yard.  They are also great for growing plants on.

-Build your own fire pit.  They can be as simple as digging a whole and lining with gravel or stone.  You can also dig a whole and insert a premade fire pit.  They’re great for late night hang outs or making smores and hotdogs without having to leave to go camping.

-Add an outdoor rug.  It’s one of the simplest things to do and can bring in any color or design to your patio deck.  Use it as the focal point then build furniture around it.

-Set up a stock tank pool.  You don’t get much more Texas than setting the ultimate redneck oasis with a stock tank pool.  Set up a solid base with leveled bricks or leveled sand. Visit any farm supply store and grab a stock tank. There are two shapes, oval and round and go all the way up to 8 foot in diameter.  An 8 foot an allow up to 4 adults and 5 kids. Finally, install a filter and pump that can be purchased online or at any pool supply store.  This will keep your water crystal clear all summer long and will last much longer than any standard above ground pool.

-Pant a fence mural. It’s an easy way to add whimsy to even the most boring fence.

-Add a hammock. No trees? No problem! Hammock stands are inexpensive and gives you a chance to lounge without the need for trees.

-Set up and outdoor movie theater.  A bed sheet, clothes line, projector and Bluetooth speaker makes a quick outdoor movie theater.  Pop some popcorn and bring out pillows and blankets for an inexpensive night out, in the backyard.

-Reuse an old microwave cart. Turn an old microwave cart into a portable outdoor bar.  It makes transport easy and is perfect for holding beverages and snacks.

-Set up backyard games. Cornhole and washers is a Texas tournament tradition but can be brought into any backyard.

-Set up an outdoor living space. Outdoor furniture has gone well beyond just a picnic table and chairs and has expanded to sofas, loveseats, end tables and accent furnishings available in a wide array of colors and styles.

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The Importance of Office Cleaning

12/2/2021 (Permalink)

A spray bottle with the title text and SERVPRO of Greater Waco logo Need post construction or commercial cleaning? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

A quarter or more of our weekly time is spent in our work space which means it’s also one of the most likely places we may spread germs.  Make sure these spaces get cleaned and doesn’t contribute to the office germ pot luck. 

-Door handles: Everyone has to touch them and they are a community center of germ infestation.

-Keyboards and mice: Weather it’s clocking in or out or updating office data, the small crevices and frequently touched buttons are an easy way to spread the common cold throughout the work place.

-File cabinets and racks: If it collects dust, it will collect germs.  Make sure to wipe them down as part of your weekly office cleaning.

-Water cooler: The water cooler is one of the most over looked places to clean because it’s not always in frequently cleaned areas but is used by almost everyone.

-Printer, copier and phones: So many buttons and so many germs! Disinfecting wipes are an easy way to clean in small spaces while not damaging critical components.

-Time clock: If it’s got buttons then it’s probably a germ factory. It’s another item that takes just a few seconds to wipe down with a disinfecting cloth.

-Computers: The front of computers is the perfect home for a family of dust bunnies and allergens. Use compressed air or a soft cloth to clean.

-Appliances- Things like the coffee pot, refrigerator, tea kettle and toaster are all things that collect germs but may not get cleaned unless used by the person doing the cleaning.  Make sure they get cleaned at least once a week or after every use.

-Window units heating and air conditioning- While most offices have central heat and air conditioning, that may not be the case in offices that are primarily warehouse space.  The top of the units, vents and mesh filter may need cleaning at least once a month while the coils should be cleaned at least once a year.

For high traffic areas, consider daily cleaning.  Also, don’t overlook places like trim, baseboards or window sills when deep cleaning.

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Halloween Safety

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

Pumpkins with the text "Halloween Safety" and the SERVPRO logo Need post Halloween clean up and restoration services? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Halloween is all about letting the kids be creative with decorating, pumpkins, costumes and all of the trick-or-treat riddles a child can come-up with.  Have fun but be safe with some of our Halloween safety tips.

  • Consider alternate decorating ideas for your pumpkins to eliminate carving.  Painting, gemstones, and foam decals are fun ways to really revamp a pumpkin without the need to cut.
  • Speaking of pumpkins, if you’re all about the carved route, look into illuminating them with colorful glow sticks or battery powered candles. You get the creative freedom to change colors throughout the season and eliminate the potential fire hazard. 
  • When choosing a costume, look for reflective fabrics and bright colors to really stand out.
  • Make sure to cross the street at corners and cross walks and to walk, not run across roads.
  • Carry a flash light or glow sticks to help be seen by drivers.
  • If possible, stay on sidewalks in well-lit neighborhoods.
  • Accompany small children on their trick-or-treat adventure.
  • Make sure to go over the trick-or-treat route with your children that will be going unaccompanied.
  • If driving, consider carpooling and parking in a central location to reduce the number of motorists on the road
  • Remind children with phones and other electronic devices to focus on where they are going and to not be on their device on roadways.
  • Consider using face paint over a mask so that their vision isn’t impaired.
  • Make sure children know how to call 911 in case of an emergency and that they have a copy of your name and phone number with them.
  • Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle.

Need post Halloween clean up and restoration services? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Fall Fun in Greater Waco

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

A photo of an antique truck and fall background with Fall Fun in Greater Waco text and the SERVPRO of Greater Waco logo When we aren't responding to emergency restoration in the Greater Waco area, we like to enjoy all of the fun the area has to offer.

Cooler temperatures in Texas means hoodies, bonfires and exploring the local area.  We’ve compiled a list of our fall favorites.

-Now through October 31, experience the Robinson Family Farm Fall Festival. Take photos with the family in the pumpkin patch, enjoy farm animals, hay rides, a corn cannon and so much more! Tickets can be conveniently purchased online

-Baylor University Football has a full home schedule playing some of the biggest names in college football. Enjoy watching BYU, Texas Tech, The University of Texas and Oklahoma University take on the bears at McLane Stadium located on the Brazos River. Guarantee your seat by purchasing tickets online

-Enjoy vendors, a barrel train ride and a corn pit at the Point of Truth Pumpkin Patch October 1-30 in Robinson. Admission is FREE with mini pumpkin decorating for as low as $2 and various themed events throughout the month.

-Looking for a spooky date night? Guest 18 and over can do the Paranormal Experience at the Dr. Pepper Museum every Friday and Saturday night in October. According to their website, you’ll get to explore the off-limits basement and both historical buildings where staff and paranormal investigators have seen orbs, apparitions and even heard voices. Spots are limited so make sure to reserve yours online.

-For the tourist, enjoy Silobration 2021 at the Magnolia Silos October 28-30. Enjoy vendors and daytime music all for FREE then purchase tickets and enjoy the evening concert series.

-Waco Art Walk Presents: The Haunted Art Walk on October 23. Enjoy an all-day festival starting at 10 am with a scavenger hunt, music, art and late-night trick-or-treating for the whole family with a costume contest.

- For those looking for something a little more sensory friendly, Elite Therapy Center will be hosting a Sensory Friendly, Drive-Thru Trunk or Treat event on October 24. Families can dress up and enjoy vendors and treats from a safe distance in their car and is FREE to families.

-Cameron Park Zoo will be hosting Brew at the Zoo on October 15-16 for those 21 and older. Enjoy sampling up to 12 samples from some of Waco’s finest breweries while strolling through the zoo. All proceeds help take care of the animals at the zoo.

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How to Clean for Covid-19

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

A drawing of Covid-19 molecules with the words "winning the fight against Covid-19" with the SERVPRO logo Need professional cleaning or a Covid-19 cleaning? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

According to Yale Medicine, the delta variant of Covid-19 is now the dominate Covid-19 strain that is causing a recent spike in Covid-19 cases around the US. Beyond the recommended vaccination, how can you protect yourself from Covid-19? According to the Center for Disease Control by masking up in public places and cleaning regularly.

  1. Focus on cleaning high touch surfaces regularly. Things like door knobs, faucets and even remote controls can easily be disinfected and prevent the spread of the virus. The professionals at SERVPRO of Greater Waco use,  SERVPROXIDE , which kills and eliminates 99.999% of viruses and bacteria and reduces the spread of germs and pathogens on all treated surfaces. It’s also safe around food, children and pets.
  2. Clean other surfaces as needed or when they are visibly dirty.  It’s also recommended to increase frequency if members of the home are more likely to contract the virus.
  3. While cleaning, ensure for adequate ventilation and use any cleaning agent according to the instructions on the label.  SERVPROXIDE is easy to use and doesn’t require the use of gloves or a mask and is rated the lowest toxicity rating by the EPA, making it great for everyday use.
  4. Make sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds immediately after cleaning or disinfecting as well as after removing gloves.
  5. Make sure to disinfect the home within 24 hours if someone is sick or has contracted Covid-19 to prevent the spread of the virus.
  6. If someone becomes sick, keep a separate bathroom and bedroom if possible, and make sure that they have adequate amounts of separate cleaning and medical supplies.  In shared spaces, make sure the ill person cleans and disinfects surfaces after each use.
  7. Make sure to wear a mask, along with the ill person if you must be around someone that has contracted the virus.
  8. Increase air circulation in your home by opening doors and windows and adjust your HVAC settings to increase ventilation and bring in fresh air. If you’re unable to open doors and windows, consider using air filtration or turning on your bathroom or stove exhaust fans.
  9. Change your HVAC filter to a pleated filter, which is more efficient than a traditional filter and only needs to be changed out every 3 months.

By making small changes and cleaning more, everyone can make a difference in combating the rise of Covid-19 and the numerous variants of the virus.

Need professional cleaning or a Covid-19 cleaning? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

How to Put Out a Grease Fire

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

Orange fire flames with the SERVPRO logo and "How to Put Out a Grease Fire" text Need fire restoration services? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments in the US responded to an estimated 172,900 cooking related small structure fires between 2014 to 2018 causing more than $1 billion in damage per year. Ranges and cooktops were involved 61% of the time with more than half of non-fatal injuries caused by people trying to put them out themselves. One of the most common types of cooktop fires is grease fires. So, the big question is, how do you put out a grease fire and prevent injury?

  1. Turn off the heat source, if safe, otherwise try step number 2 first.
  2. Try to cover the flames with a metal object.  A cookie sheet or metal lid is a great quick grab option.
  3. Pour salt or baking soda on the fire to try and smother it. Whatever you do, do not pour flour or baking powder on the fire.  This can actually make the fire worse. Also, avoid using water to extinguish the fire.
  4. If necessary, attempt to put out the fire with a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher. These can be purchased at any home improvement store and are a great back up plan to keep in your kitchen.
  5. DON’T TOUCH IT! If the fire is extinguished, let it completely cool down before attempting to move the mess or clean up. 
  6. If you’re unable to put out the fire, GET OUT! Evacuate all members in the home and immediately call 911 for professional help. The goal is to always prevent injury or fatality.

By adding food slowly, removing as much moisture from foods before frying and avoiding oil splatter, a grease fire can be prevented. If something does happen, the professionals at SERVPRO of Greater Waco are always available for your post fire clean-up.

Need fire restoration services? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Happy Birthday SERVPRO of Greater Waco!

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

birthday cake with text Happy birthday SERVPRO of Greater Waco! Celebrating three years of success! Need emergency water restoration? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-59

*Insert happy dance, birthday cake and a big green SERVPRO truck* 85 five-star reviews, holding solid at a 5-star average on Yelp and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.  During the winter storm, we broke records and hosted additional hands to make sure the community was taken care of and not left in the cold. Not bad for 3 years of hard work and dedication to bring the Greater Waco area the quality it deserves.

We take pride in the fact that in the last 3 years we’ve built a solid foundation built upon leadership that has been with the SERVPRO family for over 12 years before becoming a locally owned franchise, training and education with our technicians and office staff obtaining industry standard certifications from the IICRC and solidified with a family atmosphere. Clients know, from the first call to the last nail in the wall, they are now part of the SERVPRO of Greater Waco family.

We’ve tackled everything from massive water losses in gym floors down to small kitchen fires and back up again restoring some of Waco’s most historical landmarks and prioritizing them all the same.  Thank you for trusting us the last 3 years and letting us come into your homes, churches and businesses. This isn’t just a business for us but the community where we raise our children, shop and call home.

It’s been a pretty amazing 3 years. Here’s to many more!

Need emergency water restoration? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

New Year, New Technology for SERVPRO® of Greater Waco

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

A 3-D image of the inside of a home using SERVPRO of Greater Waco's newest software SERVPRO of Greater Waco's demonstration of their newest software giving clients and customers a full 360 walk through of a damaged space

SERVPRO® of Greater Waco is always in search of ways to better serve their customers and partners in restoration and mitigation.  One way to do this is by finding new technology to assist in the field but also bring customers and partners directly to job site without ever having to take a step outside of their computer screen.

The newest addition to the SERVPRO® of Greater Waco arsenal is a 360-degree camera that allows us to take field imagery to the next level with 3-D virtual tours.  In the age of a pandemic, insurance adjusters aren’t always available to be on site but with this technology, we can bring the site to them and advocate for clients the need for repairs by showing a full 3-D walk-through of a damaged space giving both adjusters and home owners a full visual understanding. 

The camera captures immersive 360-degree content at 4k quality levels.  It also has the ability to do 360-degree live streaming if we need to do a live walk-through with our clients.  Our software platform helps make publishing videos to social media and customers a snap.  The new technology also increases our measurement accuracy and speed, resulting in a better product in a shorter amount of time.  SERVPRO® Greater Waco is starting the new year off with more tools for a successful and an informative 2021.

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Beyond the Standard

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO production crew in front of a company SERVPRO green production vehicle Production crew members Jared, Freddie and Ryan stand in front of a SERVPRO production vehicle.

There are the local restoration companies and then there is SERVPRO of Greater Waco tackling the competition and shattering expectations.  Each of our production technicians obtains an IICRC water mitigation certified technician, even our office professionals are certified.  This means from the moment you call SERVPRO of Greater Waco; you are always speaking with a highly trained professional.

In 2019 we received the Best Review Rating from SERVPRO Corporate after just opening in 2018 with a perfect online rating across all websites.

Our Facebook reviews are perfect and our google reviews boast a locally leading 5-star rating after 78 reviews. 

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say:

“Selling a home that had been vacant for a while. There was a stale odor, prompt and well done, the odor is gone. Great company!”- Lori Pound

“Felt like a mom and pop business! Teddy was the best with communication and calling with updates. Five Stars for sure!”- Gina Davis

“These were the most dependable people I have done business with in a very long time. My house flooded, all the way to the street. They were at my house within the hour and started the process of drying me out. I had to leave my house for part of it but did not hesitate giving them a key. I highly recommend this fine company and will definitely be referring them in the future.”- Monty German

“Teddy is the best of the best. Extremely knowledgeable, attentive to the details, fair, and honest.
If you have water, mold, or fire issues, NOBODY is better. CALL HIM!”- Randy and Jodi Oosterheert

With Teddy as our leader bringing in 10 years of industry experience there’s no surprise why the bar is set so high. We have a saying around here that resonates throughout, “there’s the standard, then there’s the Teddy standard”.

Back to School - Pandemic Edition

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

two boys with masks posing for a picture near school We wish all students, teachers, support-staff and administrators a safe 2020-2021 school year

The year 2020 has become almost synonymous with the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco, we continue to provide cleaning for confirmed cases of the virus for residential and commercial properties. Amidst this, we have students, teachers and support staff returning to campuses or preparing for virtual instruction with modifications to keep everyone safe. Understandably so, many individuals may be anxious about the school year moving forward and are looking for ways to show our support for all the teachers stepping back into the classroom (real or virtual). 

There are some things that teachers just need in general, so I compiled a list of items that you could put together to create a care package to show your support and help these unsung heroes during this crazy unpredictable school year.

  • Gift cards to fast food joints, grocery stores. Though they may not get enough time to eat, teachers get hungry. Feed them whenever possible.
  • Hand sanitizer/hand soap. Kids always seem like they’re sticky even though there is nothing sticky in sight. Help teachers fight sticky hands, get them some soap.
  • Aspirin.
  • Disinfecting wipes/spray are in high demand. Grab a couple for your teachers if you see any. 
  • Treats. Teachers get very busy that they do not have time to have an actual meal. Help fuel these unsung heroes with healthy snacks like fruit, dark chocolate, protein bars and protein shakes.
  • Energy drinks/coffee. Late nights grading and lesson planning require caffeine. Get that teacher some go-juice for those groggy mornings.

No matter what you send in your care package, your teachers will be grateful.

On Call 24/7 to Help You

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

A green box truck parked in front of a hotel at night Night or day, rain or shine. We are here to help.

If you follow us on social media, you may notice that we always make it known that we are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How is this possible?

Here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco, we know that disasters rarely give notice that they’re about to happen. If you and your family have been gone on vacation and you return to a swimming pool instead of a home, we are there for you. Or say someone drives into the side of your house and you need a board up until repairs can be made...we’ve got your back. Even as a small, family owned business, we arrive faster to any size disaster and will coordinate with you and your insurance to meet your needs. 

We are always available to take your call because we like to make it “Like it never even happened,” so that you can focus on what really matters. 

Call us anytime, 24/7. We are here to help!

County wide Burn Ban and Outdoor Burning

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

Black smoke from a wildfire rising against a blue sky Outdoor fire safety can prevent large scale fires.

McLennan county is currently under a burn ban as of July 28, 2020 which means that outdoor burning is prohibited in all unincorporated areas (Burn Ban Rules). Exceptions include fully covered and attended outdoor fires contained within a barrel or hopper. If you’re a welder, there are no exceptions, so outdoor burning is not permitted. 

 The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality provides us with general requirements for outdoor burning to help us. Here are a few:

  • notify the Texas A&M Forest Service before proceeding with a controlled burn intended for forest management
  • note which direction of the wind is blowing and be aware of weather conditions
  • do not burn items that contain natural/synthetic rubber, electrical insulation, treated lumber, plastics, non-wooden construction or demolition materials, heavy oils, asphaltic materials, (potentially) explosive materials or chemical waste.

They also provided some pretty practical alternatives to burning that we should all consider regarding the disposal of waste (pdf guide):

  1. Recycling
  2. Composting
  3. Mechanical chipping or mulching
  4. Logging
  5. Landfills (call your local landfill for information regarding recycling and brush collection)
  6. Air-curtain incineration (trench burning; requires federal operating permit.

Burn Injuries and First Aid Tips

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

three women hold lit sparklers in their hand away from their bodies Summer celebrations and fire may go hand in hand but it is important to be aware of the risks and know what to do in the event of a burn injury.

Did you know that you can get a burn more than just from fire? Overexposure to the sun, chemicals, electricity or even smoke inhalation can damage and scald tissue. You should always call 911 or see a doctor if it is a major burn. A major burn will often appear as deep, the skin is dry, charring is present and is larger than 3 inches and has affected the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks or major joint of an individual. 

If someone has received a major burn injury, call 911. While you wait for help to arrive you can make sure that the person is safe from further harm, cover the area of the burn using a cool moist bandage or clean cloth (do NOT immerse in water). Also make certain that they are breathing and remove articles of clothing and accessories that might restrict their ability to breathe. Be on the lookout for signs that the individual may be in shock which include fainting, paleness and shallow breathing.

For more information, follow the link to the Mayo Clinic here.


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Owning a home can be very fulfilling but often full of challenges and unpredictable scenarios.  Pipes and water heaters can leak or burst.  A bathtub or sink can overflow.  One of the most common parts of a home that is affected by one of these unfortunate incidents is your carpet.  While the situation may appear dire at first glance, it does not mean that your carpet cannot be saved or restored.  Let’s go over a general overview of what we can do to save soaked carpet.

                There are three basic processes your SERVPRO of Greater Waco professionals will use to attempt to restore your carpet to its preloss condition.

  • Extraction: the extraction process removes the majority of the water from your carpet.  The amount of water your carpet has taken on will determine the type of equipment used to extract as much water as possible.  Some examples are an extraction wand or a weighted extraction machine.
  • Drying: The drying process will prevent excess water or moisture from penetrating further into the carpet which can help us to save the carpet from being removed.  Techniques and equipment used will depend on the type of carpet and amount of moisture remaining after extraction.
  • Cleaning: after extraction and drying are complete and the carpet is deemed to be salvageable, your carpet will be professionally cleaned.  It can also be deodorized if necessary.

There can be many other factors and processes involved when it comes to a flood in carpeted areas of your home.  Just know that SERVPRO of Greater Waco is committed to ‘restore over replace’ principles and methods.

Rebuild Team

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Studs of a home exposed and burned affected wood This home was gutted down to the studs after a fire loss.

If you take a minute to look at some of our #TransformationTuesday posts on Facebook, you will notice how affected materials are sometimes removed in order to dry the remaining structure. After mitigating the damage, the next step is for repairs and rebuild to take place in order to restore the affected areas to a preloss state. Reconstruction of a home or commercial structure could involve the installation of new flooring, it could be rebuilding a kitchen that was gutted, re-installation of drywall, texture and paint; or as extensive as a complete rebuild of a structure after a significant loss.

When you need reconstruction services for your home or business, call the local pros at SERVPRO® of GREATER Waco at 254-224-5999. We are on standby 24/7 to take your call.

Hoarding Cleanup and Restoration

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Individuals with hoarding disorder have received more awareness through shows like Hoarders and public access to videos on YouTube that give a glimpse into their lives. According to the American Psychiatric Association, people with hoarding disorder excessively save things that others would view as trash or worthless. They struggle with getting rid of possessions which allows for clutter to develop, disrupting their ability to use their home or work space. Hoarding disorder can cause problems in other important areas of functioning such as personal relationships and work.

Because of the special circumstances involved in hoard cleanup, it is essential for us to maintain the well-being of our clients and of our technicians onsite. Communication is key in this process with the homeowner, insurance and all involved parties to ensure that cleanup is performed correctly, safely and with high regard and respect for the owner’s belongings.

If you or someone you know are seeking help with hoarding cleanup and restoration, give SERVPRO® of Greater Waco a call.

For more information about hoarding disorder see the American Psychiatric Association website.


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Parked bright green truck with SERVPRO of Greater Waco logo and phone number decals outdoors In Japan this is called "Isuzu Erufu" or Isuzu Elf.

We are growing! Say hello to BIG GREEN, the new addition to our production vehicles. After a couple checkups and a can of elbow grease, Big Green is ready to go. Big Green is what is referred to an N series, a medium duty truck manufactured by Isuzu since 1959. After joining the ranks here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco, Big Green has proven its worth during several move-outs for our clients. We have been able to transport furniture and belongings from three homes to our storage space with the help of Big Green with less trips than before. Other perks of having a larger production vehicle is being able to haul away more demolition debris from work sites and being able to carry more equipment used for restoration purposes. As always, the team at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco and Big Green are on stand-by 24/7 for your emergency service needs.

Heart of Texas Apartment Association Trade Show

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A man dressed as batman and a woman dressed as batgirl at a table decorated with hero items We love to be heroes to our community in any way we can.

September 19, we participated in the Heart of Texas Apartment Association Trade Show at the Lion’s Den of Waco Texas. We had the opportunity to meet many individuals from the community, from different trades. Together we were able to provide Mission Waco with over 500 canned goods and hygiene items. Mission Waco has been an important part of community outreach for 25 years in providing Christian-based, holistic, relationship-based programs that empower the poor and marginalized. Their Mission statement also focuses on mobilizing middle-class Americans to become more compassionately involved among the poor and working to week ways to overcome the systemic issues of social injustice which oppress and marginalize the poor. 

For more information on how you can help Mission Waco, visit their website at:

Did You Know We Do General Cleaning Too?

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A view of a commercial grade grey carpet Commercial or residential carpet cleaning available.

Summer is filled with celebrations of the end of chapters, such as high school and college graduations. As many embark on a new life journey, it’s possible that with the change comes the need for relocation. Whether you were renting an apartment or a home, you want to make it look better than when you first moved in. This really works in your favor if you are trying to get some of your initial deposit back too. You can opt to do it on your own, along with the other tasks you need to undertake to make the move, or you can call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco to help. Here are a few of the services we provide to help make your transition an easy one:

  • Carpet/rug cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Room deodorization (including tobacco odor and pet odors)
  • Pack-out
  • General cleaning/disinfecting
  • Upholstery cleaning/deodorization

Contact SERVPRO of Greater Waco today for more information on general cleaning or to schedule an appointment. (254)-224-5999.

Are You Working With The Best Company?

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Our current Google rating proves that we are the best in Waco.

When it comes to looking for a company that specializes in emergency water or fire damage, you do not have the luxury of time to complete your due diligence in searching for the best company to service your home or business.  While Google ratings are a quick and easy way to check previous customers’ experiences, most people often rely on those in the industry to refer out their preferred company when a need arises.  SERVPRO® of Greater Waco has over 35 5-star reviews on Google and is the only completely 5-star rated company with more than 15 reviews in Waco.  Why would you just stop at the Google ratings, why not look to the nation’s largest and most preferred restoration company by the insurance industry itself.  The SERVPRO® network is the preferred restoration company for over 88 insurance carriers, and over 267 commercial entities, with most of them having a presence in the Waco area.  How does that translate to a benefit to you as a customer?  SERVPRO®’s preferred vendor contracts with these carriers includes things like guaranteed yearly background checks on all employees, some include a 5-year warranty on any work SERVPRO® completes, and all guarantee a 4-hour maximum onsite arrival time once we are contacted.  No local restoration company can boast credentials even close to that.  As part of the SERVPRO® network, SERVPRO® of Greater Waco is the logical, and most often preferred, restoration company by the insurance industry when your home or business suffers from a water, sewage, or fire emergency.  Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco at (254) 224-5999 to let us serve you and your family, to let us help you take back control of your home, and to experience the level of quality that has earned us the top Google Rated restoration company in and around the Waco area. 

We Burn Test Your Carpets

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An example of the 'burn test' we perform prior to cleaning a carpet.

When we aren’t extracting water from floors, restoring after fire damage or cleaning out mold, we are busy providing our clients with SERVPRO® of Greater Waco’s unmatched, high-quality area rug carpet cleaning. Our technicians have the experience and specialized training in carpet cleaning to ensure that your carpet is not damaged during the cleaning process. One of the many pre-cleaning tests performed on your carpet is called a ‘Burn Test’.  This involves taking a small sample of the fibers from the carpet, (these samples are always taken from an inconspicuous area) and literally burning the fibers. We do this in order to observe how the fibers burn and to note the smell coming from the burning fibers. The following gives you an idea of how we use these characteristics to better determine the fiber type:

  • If it smells like burning paper = that is an indicator the fibers are cotton based
  • If it smells like burning hair = that is an indicator the fibers are wool based
  • If it smells like celery sealing wax = that is an indicator the fibers are nylon based
  • If it smells like asphalt paraffin = that is an indicator the fibers are olefin based
  • If it smells like acrid burned meat = that is an indicator that the fibers are acrylic based
  • If it smells sweet and fruity = that is an indicator that the fibers are polyester based

The purpose of the ‘burn test’ is to identify the fiber that the carpet is made of so that we know what cleaning agents and process to use and which not to use. If an incorrect chemical is applied to carpet fibers without proper testing the carpet could have irreversible damage. Have peace of mind and call the “burn test” experts here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco

Timing, Pretesting and Training

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Example of infrared readings in a commercial Waco property. Dark purple alerts us of a significant difference in temperature.

Why SERVPRO® of Greater Waco?

As an agent, adjuster, or any kind of insurance professional, you have a number of responsibilities.  Of these responsibilities are recommending reputable service companies to your clients as well as keeping claims costs down for your company.  SERVPRO® of Greater Waco is a highly qualified and trustworthy company that fill many needs to your clients when they find themselves in the middle of a fire or water loss.


Arriving at a loss in a timely manner reduces damage and therefore reduces the cost of restoring damaged property.  An immediate response is vital to limiting damage, and SERVPRO® of Greater Waco strives to arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.  This falls in line with taking care of both the home or business owner in conjunction with limiting costs for the insurance provider.


Replacing property is far more costly than restoring property.  Pretesting is a necessary step in the restoration process to determine the level of damage and dictate the necessary actions to begin restoration.  A lack of pretesting could cause the quality or scope of the work to diminish which leads to unhappy clients.  Your SERVPRO® of Greater Waco professionals will always pretest the site in order to determine the extent of damage and the proper course of action to restore the property.


Proper training is ideal for providing your clients the best service possible.  Your SERVPRO® of Greater Waco franchise professionals are trained to industry standards in Fire and Water cleanup and restoration.  Additionally, SERVPRO® of Greater Waco hosts continuing education classes available periodically to insurance professionals as well as our franchise professionals.

Timing, pretesting, and training are just a few of the reasons that insurance professionals and companies can trust SERVPRO® of Greater Waco to take the best care of their clients while limiting costs by restoring in place of replacing property.

Family Fun Time

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Pizza greaser

When we’re not on site restoring a home or business, we are continuously working for our clients by training our technicians during any down time, by performing regular maintenance on our equipment, and by always being on stand-by to respond to your calls. But as dedicated as we are to providing the best customer service to you, we could not be where we are without family. SERVPRO® of Greater Waco is first and foremost a family-oriented business because we know that without our loved ones, we would not be where we are today. We take time outside of the office to enjoy time with our work family and our children because we understand that by building and strengthening these bonds, we are stronger as a team and we are able to be a light for our community and clients. During Spring Break, we “struck” in some fun times at AMF Bowling in Waco. The afternoon was filled with giggles, fantastic wins, and a sneaky little player who used pizza grease to up his bowl game. Remember that when it comes to taking care of your home and your family, make sure to call ours.

Why would you choose SERVPRO of Greater Waco

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Our owner, Teddy, at a Waco Commercial Water loss, pondering Why SERVPRO of Greater Waco one morning before the sunrise.

Sometimes stuff happens to your home or business and you are left with deciding who to call to help with getting it restored to a pre-damaged state. Should you ask someone who MIGHT have some restoration experience OR call a professional who knows how restore it "Like it never even happened." AND will provide an exceptional level of personalized customer service? SERVPRO of Greater Waco boasts 9 years of industry experience and is independently owned and operated. Every staff member is trained and knowledgeable in property damage restoration and the science and technology required to provide unmatched individualized service for each client. We are experts in the use of psychometry for the purpose of providing the best cleanup and restoration process possible while also being mindful of the properties of textiles, upholstery and surfaces to avoid any further damage to wet/soiled materials.Not sure if we can help?

These are some of the areas and services of cleaning we are equipped with here at SERVPRO of Greater Waco:

  • Air ducts and HVAC
  • Biohazard
  • Carpet and upholstery
  • Ceilings, floors and walls
  • Drapes and blinds
  • Odor removal
  • Sewage
  • Trauma and crime scene
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Commercial cleaning

If you’re interested in learning even more about us, the services we provide, community involvement or certifications you can follow us on our website here at or on Facebook . Skip the search and call us at (254)-224-5999 for 24 hour emergency service for your mold, fire, or water damage events

How is SERVPRO of Greater Waco different?

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SERVPRO of Greater Waco is the best of the best for your restoration needs in the Waco area. Our staff is extremely meticulous and we complete every task using proprietary tried and true SERVPRO cleaning methods. We utilize only the best equipment for your water or fire damage. One small example is all of our equipment has an internal Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to add an additional layer of protection in your home. All of our work is electronically documented and then backed up by photographs, we do this to ensure our billings is accurate and easily justified. Our team consists of trained professionals who always go the extra mile to help with any of your specific needs. If you suffer a water or fire loss at your home, it can be stressful and emotionally draining. SERVPRO of Greater Waco understands and is here to help, that is why our employees are often called ‘heroes” by our clients. SERVPRO of Greater Waco will do our best to make it "Like it never even happened." We offer services to help people who are affected by catastrophes such as major floods, fires, and storms that cause major damage. We are not here to just do the work and move on, we build relationships with our customers and ensure that if there is anything extra a customer needs, we are willing and available. We do honest work that matters to our customers; caring for people while dealing with their loss is what we do on daily basis! We are the professionals! Give us a call and let us show you how we can serve you and your family.